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    Located in Anlu City of Hubei Province of China,Hubei Bishan Machinery Co.,Ltd,a factory specialized in grain and oil processing machinery manufacturing.The company fabricates of rice milling equipment and heavy edible oil extracting equipment. The company now occupies an area of 90000 square meters,in it there are 300 sets of various machine tools and more than 500 employees. The company has the capacity of producing 2000 sets of varied rice milling and oil extracting equipment. “To turn out quality machine products,establish famous brand,and constantly replace older generations of products by new ones”,is always the objective for the company to strive for.Hence its machine products are sold well throughout China and all over the world. Hubei Bishan Machinery Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in supplying varied series of unit machineries and complete plants for edible oil pressing with tropical oil seeds such as palm fruits,desiccated coconuts and rubber seeds etc,and is also the base for exporting palm oil plants. Through years of scientific research and production practice,the company has accumulated rice professional knowledge and practical experience;therefore it is strong in technical capability.Now the company has gained the ISO9001:2000 certificate of conformity of quality system certification,and awarded the title of “High-tech Enterprise”by Science and Technology Department of Hubei in 2004,it has established a primary basis of modern management,and the systems of management computerization,information automation and scientific production control has shaped up.

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    SFSP Series Ham...

    Equipment Introduction: ?Model SFSP hammer mill is widely used to grind the grain of stock such as corn, oil palm kernels and coconut. ?It is made of steel by welding, the motor is installed on th...

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    The 121st sessi...

    The opening of the 121st session of China Import and Export Fair was held in Guangzhou on April 15th...

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